European Commission, keep committed to energy system change towards renewables!

A lot has been achieved, but the path is still a bumpy road. Whenever there was a chance, the opponents to feed-in systems tried their tricks. Now pressure is coming in the context of the revision of the Commission Guidelines for Environmental State Aid.  Uncooperative forces in the Commission especially from within DG Competition – with the solid support from incumbent industries and with a new pressure from Member States lead by the United Kingdom who want to get public money lavished on new nuclear power adventures, at all cost are trying to weaken the support framework for RES.  

A leaked draft is proposing that only technology neutral and tender scheme-based feed in premium mechanism with full openness to projects form outside the respective Member State can benefit from the simplified authorization procedure. This only regards mechanisms where state aid is involved in the system.  Already authorized schemes would have to be changed by 2015. The only alternative the Commission would authorize under such new guidelines would be green certificate mechanism without minimum price and for a maximum of 10 years.

There are again a lot of avenues we  need to use to go against this nonsense on the political and legal level but our hope is that the forces of reason within the Commission and a strong voice from constructive Member States will yet again reign in such maneuvers. EREF will assist in finding a better way.