About EREF

EREF is the federation of national renewable energy associations from all EU Member States, representing all renewable energy technologies. For 20 years, EREF has been the only association to holistically represent all renewable’s in negotiations on EU energy policy and continues to promote the interests of independent renewable power, fuel and heat production by striving to create, maintain and develop a stable and reliable framework for renewable energy producers.

Please see EREF’s Statutes and Bylaws for further detail

The association strongly advocates for a full decarbonisation of the European energy system through a transformation of the system to one based on decentralized production from renewable sources. EREF keeps renewable’s stakeholders informed and involved by monitoring energy law, policy and market developments and flagging unfair advantages given to the incumbent industries by open and hidden, legal and illegal subsidies.

EREF facilitates capacity and competence to renewable energy stakeholders to use all existing rules as well as to create and maintain an overall political and regulatory atmosphere which enables further independent growth and substance to provide the renewable energy producing industry with support.

EREF supports the renewable energy industry by legal action in the European institutions as well as in EU Member States. EREF is the only European renewable energy association which files complaints and court cases against unfair favouritism for nuclear and fossil power, centralized power dominance and discrimination of independent renewable energy producers and production.

EREF is a founding member of IRENA’s multi-stakeholder Coalition for Action and the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. The federation is member of the Renewable Energy Industry Advisory Board (RIAB) of the IEA (International Energy Agency). EREF is also a member of REN21 (the global renewable energy policy multi-stakeholder network) and its Steering Committee; the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform, and ECEEE (the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy).

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