17. March 2016

Position papers

Position papers


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Joint statement on green eletricity


RES joint paper on Four reasons why a post-2020 Renewable Energy Directive is essential to the European transition Nov 2016

RES joint statement on the binding renewable target RE Directive July 2016

RES joint position paper against technology neutrality tenders and auctions June 2016

RES joint paper against gainst technology neutrality tenders and auctions, annex June 2016

RES Joint position paper on Planning and reporting obligations as Part of the Energy Union Governance May 2016

Joint position paper on Innovation Fund and renewables April 2016

EREF reponse to EC public consultation on Streamlining April 2016

A legislative package to regain global leadership in renewable energy Feb 2016

EREF to public consultation on a new renewable energy directive for the period after 2020 Feb 2016


Reply to the European Commission’s public consultation on a new Energy Market Design Oct 2015

Positions and suggestions for a new EU energy market design Sept 2015

RES sector letter to COMM on investment protection Sept 2015

Joint position on governance from the renewables industry Sept 2015

Reply to EC on capacity markets and mechanisms in the energy markets Aug 2015


German RES association (BEE) position on the EU Energy Security Strategy June 2014

Reply to the DG Competition State aid investigation against the German EEG March 2014

Reply to French public consultation on the evolution of RES support mechanisms Feb 2014

Comments to the draft State aid guidelines on Energy and Environment consultation Feb 2014


Background Paper on the German EEG Surcharge for 2014 Sept 2013

Reply to Green paper on 2030 climate and energy framework June 2013

Reply to the State Aids General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) consultation June 2013

Reply to State aids consultation April 2013

Reply to EU consultation on capacity mechanisms Feb 2013


Position paper on European Parliament report on the 2050 Energy Roadmap Nov 2012

Reply to State Aids Public Consultation Oct 2012

Joint statement on the Commission ILUC proposal Oct 2012