Next to its policy and communications activities to promote the interests of the European renewable energy sector, EREF, supported by relevant Members and Sponsors, carries out additional specific activities.

The EREF Small Hydropower Chapter represents the interest of the European small hydropower sector by promoting the benefits anFFd opportunities of small hydropower at EU level to secure and enhance its place as an equally important part in the EU renewable energy mix and to create business opportunities for the many small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Europe.The Chapter campaigns on EU level for favourable and secure long-term investment conditions for the small hydropower sector, the removal of any barriers to hydropower development and an increase in hydro-electricity production in Europe and abroad.The campaign focuses on the alignment of the objectives of the Renewable Energy and the Water Framework Directives. EREF informs decision-makers about the sustainable quality of modern hydropower technology which enables an entente cordial between environment and energy objectives.EREF meets regularly with key EU decision-makers on small hydropower issues and monitors the development of the CIS (Common Implementation Strategy) working groups for the Water Framework Directive. These working groups work on shared technical challenges within the implementation process of the Water Framework Directive for Member States.Cooperation on global political and communication issues related to small hydropower with the Working Group Small Hydro of the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP), complements the European activities of the EREF Small Hydropower Chapter.EREF supports its Members with political, legal and strategic advice and information on small hydropower issues. It further provides information on national, European, and international funding schemes for small hydropower as well as business and investments opportunities.