About EREF

EREF is the federation of national renewable energy associations from EU Member States, representing sectors such as wind, solar, small hydro, bio-energy, tidal, wave, and geothermal.

EREF objective is to defend the interests of independent power, fuel and heat production from renewable sources and to promote non discriminatory access to the energy market. EREF is striving to create, maintain and further develop stable and reliable framework conditions for renewable energy sources. EREF continuously advocate for ambitious and legally binding targets for all renewable energy sectors beyond 2020.

EREF is member of the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE) – a membership-based non-profit association which generates and provides evidence-based knowledge and analysis of policies as well as facilitates co-operation and networking


The Challenge

The world is facing a dilemma in energy supply: Global energy production and supply by the fossil and nuclear incumbent industry is not sustainable anymore. The current energy system is a major driver of climate change, economic imbalances and geopolitical dependency.

Over the next two to three decades investment in the sector is expected to top € 1 trillion, the majority of this will be required in the power sector. The type of investments made will determine the direction and environmental impact of the energy sector for future generations.

The European renewable energy industry has reached a stage where it is ready to assume the responsibility to provide the necessary new capacities to supply a growing European economy. Renewable energy can provide clean energy and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emission. Renewables are the indispensable basis of a sustainable energy system.

However, as the industry is growing and becoming more and more competitive, institutional barriers are being built up. Existing barriers of centralized power systems should be removed and a fair and functioning energy market should be created to enable energy sources to compete on a level playing field where externalities are finally internalized.

 More about EREF

 EREF is supporting the renewable energy industry by legal action in the European institutions as well as in Member States. To survive the mounting and varied pressure and tactics by the incumbent industry, the RES producing industry needs the capacity and competence to use all existing rules and to create and maintain an overall political and regulatory atmosphere which enables further independent growth and substance. It needs a strong and loud voice as producers in Europe.

EREF is the only RES European association which files complaints and court cases against unfair favoritism for nuclear and fossil power, centralised power dominance and discrimination of independent RES producers and production.

EREF’s goals are:

  • To watch the market and to name and blame unfair preference for the incumbent industries by open and hidden legal or illegal subsidies.
  • To speak up when support mechanisms in Member States are deteriorated, endangering investment and jeopardising achievement of RES increase targets.
  • To  educate and inform the public and the media and to offer a clear  insight picture in the market forces and the challenges for independent  power production.